It’s National Make Up Your Mind Day

Which makes it a great day for me to figure put where I’m going next.

There are two series swirling in my mind and as I’m more than half-way through Finding Joy, I’ve begun developing characters for each of the them. The problem is I don’t know which to dig into first.

I want to add to Thrown for a Curve, and this may be the most opportune time for that. Trades are happening in the league now and where Enrique dos Santos is in talks to be traded to the Greenliners, I can follow the up-to-date baseball news and incorporate it into the storyline. He is currently the short stop for New York, but would love nothing better than to play with his brother-in-law, Crackerjack Jackson, the ace of the team. There’d be three or four books to follow.

The other choice would involve one of my passions. It would revolve around eight women, friendship, and the goddess archetype. Several years ago, when I was reading voraciously about the evolution of the goddess, I began to write about current day women who fit the mold. They were women who’d won the Nobel prize for peace in Northern Ireland, Jane Goodall, and Wangari Maathai who planted trees in Africa, empowering women and sustaining the earth, to name a few. The strength that women bring to any endeavor gets lost today, as it has in the past. There’s a reason for the term history…it’s the story of men…(his story). There’s no time like the present to begin to change things to encompass her story, as well.

As I started filling in the character charts for Fiona “Fifi”, the female lead in the Enrique story, I got caught up in a thread that I thought better suited to one of my goddess women. And since then I waffle back and forth, wishing I could attend to both at the same time.

If you have any thoughts regarding my dilemma, please share them with me. I’d love to know where the interest is. I might not be making my mind up today, after all.


In the news…

Dropped into KJ’s Caffe this morning to meet up with my nephew and niece-in-law for a cup of coffee. They’re heading back to England tomorrow, and I was so happy we were able to see them before they left.

While we were there, my son brought over a copy of the Lowell Sun, the local newspaper and proudly displayed the article written about the shop, along with pictures from a photo shoot. It consisted of a two page spread that showcased both family and staff. I was there the day some of the town officials and chamber of commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony. Everyone seemed excited about the new family-owned business that provides excellent coffee (no syrups), muffins, bagels, specialty sandwiches along with some gluten-free options for those disinclined or unable to eat anything with gluten.

The business has been doing well since day one and maybe this additional piece of marketing will create even more of a buzz. (I noticed a man walk in with a paper under his arm and wondered if he was giving the place a try after reading about it.)

I’m proud of how hard they’ve worked and gratified to see how successful the endeavor has been.

Check out the story if you want. I’ve provided the link.

And if you’re in the area, drop in, say hello and enjoy one of their offerings.



Just chilling…

I’m sitting at a table in my son and daughter-in-laws coffee shop. I find myself here almost every day. There was something that pulled me in from day one and last night I realized why I travel the fifteen minutes to get here. It isn’t for the coffee, which is delicious, or the gluten-free options that few places offer.

It’s for the people, the movement, the activity.

I’ve spent most of my time for the last few years alone, at my desk. Unless you count the dogs who’ve yet to begin a conversation with me. They bark, wander, lay quietly on their beds, go outside, but it’s not a human connection. I needed one and didn’t even know it.

A writer needs to be immersed in life, something I’ve avoided. It wasn’t a purposeful decision. I just never found anywhere to go where I could comfortably work. Now that I have that, it’s become an important part of my day. It help’s that KJ’s is a welcoming space, warm, with muted background music, the voices of other guests. It’s a place where I can people watch when I come to a mental stopping point in my story.

What are people wearing? What are they doing? What kinds of foods do they eat? Do they order hot or cold drinks? I can use my imagination all day but without bearing witness to tones, facial expressions, body language, characters lack those personal touches that make them human and bring them to life.

Now that I’ve been reminded how much I enjoy being among people, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to my solitary ways.


Women’s friendships

The one comment that seems to echo about the Fire and Ice series speaks to the friendship the women at Woodley and Fisher have formed. They laugh together, cry together and support each other in good times and in bad.

The founding mothers fostered a unified whole when they were hiring and the women who came on board after those first couple of grueling years created symbiotic relationships that nothing could break.

Even the men who came into their lives had to pass the sniff test. Thankfully, the men seemed to mesh as well.

I often thought of the Red Tent when writing the series. It’s a wonderful story about a close knit community of females, and the unique gifts each bring to the friendships. They enrich each other’s loves.

Women need other women. Their minds work so much differently than men’s and women seem to understand each other. Men want to fix things, women are willing to listen, empathize and support. That’s usually all we’re looking for.

I wish I could say I have a phalanx of women warriors around me but I don’t. I have a few good friends that I can vent to, discuss things with, ask advice. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I am considering another series that delves deeply into this kind of relationship.  A small town in Massachusetts, where women from all walks of life meet weekly…maybe a book club, or…my mind is still whirling with possibilities.

It was hard to let the women from Woodley and Fisher go, so this may be the way I find my way back to the essence.

Rhea, Gwen, Minnie, Hera to start…then maybe Brighid, Rhiannon, Selene, Lilith…

Who knows where it will go but it will be fun to develop. Now if I could just finish the last book in my Scalera series, I can get to work.

Been busy…

…with a lot that has nothing to do with writing…

My kids opened up a coffee shop and I’ve taken some time to sit and enjoy the lines of customers that are keeping them busy. If you do a Google search, you’ll find they have five stars! Pretty impressive for their first week.

I’ve done my share of grandma sitting for my two youngest grandsons, taking them to Chuck E Cheese last weekend. This Sunday my husband and I are planning a trip to Chunky’s movie theater for their second viewing of The Grinch.

Today, I’m here to help the caffe owners label their gluten-free options. They’ve been so busy they haven’t gotten around to the more mundane aspects of the business. Taking care of their customers is their number one priority.

At least today I found a table where I can catch up on some things, like Facebook posts, and a blog entry while I wait for my son to get back with label machine.

This is a new journey that they’ve allowed me to take with them and I know there will be a character in an upcoming story who owns a place like this. In fact, I have just the story in mind.

Now if I can just get back to the page…