I completed the first draft of Sweetwater Stables yesterday and although there’s plenty of work yet to do, it’s bittersweet. Hina’s story is the last in the original eight goddesses stories I embarked on last year. I’ve come to love these women and don’t want to leave idyllic Eden, so I’ve been incubating some ideas allowing me to stay in the small town for a little longer. I’ve introduced some interesting characters in the last few books and will be developing a new series called Women of Eden, to give them a voice. Jord, Eve, Eppie, Sophia, Mari and Kalinda aren’t looking for love, but that’s when the boom lowers and a magic spell is cast. The men are just offstage, ready to play their parts, as soon as the sparks start flying.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the new cast, and it seems Jord and Noah are itching to square off, so they’ll be first ones up. Jord Sheafson is a expert at renovating classic homes, like old Victorians, mid-century modern, Arts and Crafts, and eighteenth century farmhouses but is she up to the task of renovating Noah’s heart? He’s old fashioned, and in need of an update, and she’s not sure it’s worth the time and effort, but she can’t but notice the exquisite details of his muscled body, or the charming smile. It might take exacting skill to carve out those hidden assets, but as an artisan, she has the tools and the know how.

As soon as I get The Girl from Nowhere published, and Sweetwater Stables off to the editor, I’ll be good to go.

Hope you take the journey with me.

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