With both shots behind me, I’m stepping out again and it feels good. The weather hasn’t exactly been cooperating, but today it’s sunny and spring like. I have the windows open and can hear the sounds of lawn mowers, paving trucks, and birds chirping. Oh, and we had a couple of turkeys squawking earlier just a few houses away. Mother nature seems to be turning the corner and I’m eager to turn it with her.

Spent my morning chasing down marketing venues. I’m hoping to find new ways to get the word out about my not-so-new series, Everyday Goddesses. I’ve put it aside for the last few months but I’m anxious to get back on track. I’ve chased down beta readers, and received a mile-long list of interested parties willing to read my books. Unfortunately, very got back to me. Maybe quality is better than quantity because the few that did, gave me awesome reviews.

If anyone knows how to attract readers, induce reviews or help me get more exposure, I’d love to hear from you.

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