I’m Faith O’Shea, a contemporary women’s lit writer
whose stories have just the right amount of spice and
romance added to the mix.

I’ve heard it said that I tell a compelling story that’s fun to read and hard to put down. Maybe it’s because I’m not your typical
romance writer and my voice is unique. I’ve thrown out some of the rules and simply tell a story that’s heart-felt, following where
my characters lead and journeying with them as they come alive on the page.

I write the kind of book, I love to read.

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(Everyday Goddesses 8)

GOOD BONES: Jord Sheafson swings a sledgehammer as well as any man working for her, but few men appreciate her skills. Wearing jeans and a tool belt doesn’t get her much in the way of male attention, unless it’s the negative kind. She’s comfortable in her skin, and loves what she does for a living, and could care less what anyone thinks, especially the other project manager who works for Moore Construction. She’s been screwed by a man like him before and has no use for that kind of tool.

Noah Timmerman has been working for Derek Moore since the company’s inception and is his number two until Jord comes on the scene. Because of her impeccable restoration skills, she snags their biggest job yet and he’s none too pleased. Thinking she’s a fraud, he does his best to undermine her talents, until he begins to suspect she’s the real deal. It’s not only her eye for restoring the classics that has him rethinking his premise, but her awe-inspiring sculptures, and her athletic prowess on the basketball court. A fire begins to flicker in his belly, but fire is the bane of his existence, and when the sirens go off, signaling a five-alarm blaze, it’s the warning he needs to stay clear.

Noah inches closer, in spite of the heat, but Jord is determined not to get burned again. Will she finally realize he’s not the old, outdated antique in need of demolition she thought, but a man with good bones and a solid foundation who’s just in need of a little restoration?

Both Sides of Life: Epona Fusaro had wanted out of the small town where she’d grown up, and she’d left right after high school graduation. After almost a decade away and a lot of second guessing, she’s back, a full-fledged veterinarian, with the credentials and experience to prove it. Healing the sick and birthing the young was all she’d ever wanted to do, and now that she has the vet-mobile up and running, she’s found a way to have it all, or at least most of it. Her love life is the only thing that needs improvement, but the man she wants, her high school sweetheart, is still working at Cordero’s Funeral Home and death is not her thing.

Richard Cordero wanted nothing more than to keep his family business alive, which meant he wasn’t willing to leave Eden for anyone, not even Eppie. His life had been going according to plan until a crisis at the funeral home had him facing the possible demise of the legacy left in his hands. When he stops to tend to a dog and her puppies one night on a snowy back road, he doesn’t realize his life is about to take another hit.

When Eppie realizes what the man in the middle of the road is doing, her heart melts. When she realizes who he is, it starts racing. Even though she knows she still loves him, the hearse up ahead reminds her that nothing has changed. When tragedy strikes will she come to understand that life is a cycle, and birth and death are both a part of it?[/et_pb_text]

On Pointe (NEW RELEASE!) : Ballerina Katrya Valentyn was taken away from everything she held dear when she was just a child. The one thing she held onto with a death grip was her passion for dance and she’s spent her life dedicated to her craft even though there were sacrifices along the way. When a foot injury puts a coveted role in jeopardy, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get back on her toes. When her sister reaches out, she escapes the city and the worry that lives there, ending up in a place she’s only dreamed about.

Eden’s high school teacher Atticus Gill wants nothing more than to raise a family in the town where his roots are deep but, when the woman he loves, makes a decision he just can’t live with, he has to rethink his future. He knows better than anyone that if you’re not careful, history has a way of repeating itself. When Kat arrives in Eden, he’s about to find out if that adage is true.

Their timing was off the first time around. Now, a year later, when they come face-to-face with each other, Kat realizes that giving up one passion to sustain another might have been reckless and Atticus is beginning to see he rushed to judgment. The ripples of the past have stilled, and the chemistry is still there. Do they dare risk their hearts again or walk away?

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About Faith O’Shea

Faith O’Shea is a contemporary women’s literature writer who admires
strong women, truth, justice and love stories that touch the heart.

Writing has always been her passion, and her favorite part of the process is creating unforgettable characters.

Faith resides in Massachusetts with her Husband Jeff, her two dogs, Cooper and Molly, and cat Isis. Her adult children live close by and she has weekly visits for Grandma time with her five Grandsons. In her spare time, she reads for research and pleasure, walks Cooper, dabbles in the kitchen, and has dinner with friends. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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