I’m ready to shift tracks and head in a new direction, hopping aboard the marketing train, bound and determined to improve my skills.

I’ve contacted another person to build a new website and maintain it so my newly published books will make it to the page and I’m hopefully meeting soon with a recent marketing graduate who will help me navigate all those social media platforms important to building readership. It’s time for giveaways, selfies, tapping into resources, contacting beta readers, and more impactful newsletters. I’ve been making headway in sales, but I’m ready to cast a net and capture more of them.

As I finish up my original eight goddess reads in my series, my mind is awhirl with possibilities for the next one. Women of Eden will keep me in the small town I’ve come to love, with newcomers who bring fresh skills and talents to the thriving community. They’ll frequent Magic Bean, pick up gardening tips from Ina at Gardens of Eden and one might take riding lessons from Hina, but they will form their own sacred circle of female friendships. And of course, sparks will fly with a man who they swear will never suit.

Eve’s a mid-wife, (birth) will be paired with Will, a funeral home director (death). Jord will be paired with Noah, both in construction, but one with a biased attitude about the proper career for a woman, the kind of man some love to hate.. Not sure yet about Sophia, or Selene, or will it be Tara, or Mari… Can’t wait to see who pops up and which trope they call for.

Follow me as I journey on.

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