What’s wrong with this?

There have been authors who have told me it’s all about the cover. Couples sell the best. It’s been proven by analytics. Although according to a new poll, it’s all about the male torso. The M-A-L-E torso. It’s the six-pack abs, the bare arms, the wide shoulders. I shake my head knowing it’s true, but still not willing to go that route.

My covers don’t scream romance, but maybe that’s because I want them to be more than that. Of course, that means I won’t generate the sales that some others do

When people ask me what I write, my first response is contemporary women’s lit. Yes, it has some romance thrown into the mix, what doesn’t today? Even detective or murder genres include a sex scene here and there. I’m driven to write about life experiences, how we change, how we grow. There’s always a female and male lead, flaws, strengths, wounds, connection, and there’s always a happily ever after ending.

Unfortunately, I won’t rack up sales because my covers don’t scream hot bod.

I’ll either have to live with that, or change my outlook. I’ve been thinking about changing the covers of my first series. Maybe I’ll experiment. Cold Sweat would be a good one to start with.

Would you buy a book with this dude on it?

I’ll be interested in hearing your opinions.

Fall is here

The weather has made a turn for the comfortable, but then I love the fall, especially in New England. Crisp nights, sunny and dry days… great for walking the dog, or just sitting outside in the fresh air.

Today I want to mention a great new promo I’m part of . When I got the email telling me about it, I got excited. Not only because I knew I had a book or two I could promote, but I love knowing that there are other authors out there writing about strong women.

So many romances are written around the male lead’s occupation. I’ve seen plenty of meme’s on whether readers prefer the men to be military, police, firefighters, athlete, construction worker. The role of warrior always seemed to be placed in his hands. But really? Woman can fit that role quite as well, if not better.

As a wise woman warrior once, said, “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”

I’ll be checking out the books available, and hope that you do, as well.

Here’s the link.

Wishing you wonderful week… and a good read.

It’s been a while

Good morning everyone:.

I’ve been remiss with my blogs over the last month or two but I have been super busy, getting a new book out, Tipping the Scales, joining several promotions to add to my subscriber list, and writing the next book in my Everyday Goddesses series, Remains to be Seen.

In between all this, I’ve been cleaning up some of my earlier series, all while reading, reading, reading.

There’s nothing better than becoming engrossed in a great book and I’ve found several that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, some written by my favorite authors, Susan Mallery, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jill Shalvis.

I’ve also been immersing myself in some great TV series, binging I guess you could say, in order to get some background on medical examiners, part of my research for Remains. Rizzoli and Aisles, all seven seasons, was the latest. Set in Boston, it hit all the right notes. I also watched every season of a French series, called Balthazar. It was different, and the lead was quirky. I loved the way he dressed and I decided to have Zain, the male character in the latest book, dress the same way, in button down shirts, and fitted vests. Zain doesn’t talk to the dead like Balthazar. I gave Niall, the male lead in Can‘t Be Tamed, that honor.

For Remains I’ve dived into archeology and anthropology, two subjects that have held my interest for years. I can remember sitting in a doctors office and picking up Archeology, a magazine dedicated to the field and flipping through and scanning every article. I subscribed immediately and have dozens of issues. It’s been fun going back during my research phases and incorporating some of the information into the storyline.

That’s part of my passion in writing, digging into material I want to know more about. It’s almost as good as digging for bones, artifacts, fossils. I guess I’m an archeologist in a whole new way….

Sales Promo

Hello everyone:

I’m here to let you know there’s only a week left to three dynamite promotions through Book Funnel.

The first is all about the music so if you’re looking for your next favorite book, check out this link. https://books.bookfunnel.com/singtomyheart2020/4g8j2mjyeh

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And the last is all about sports. There’s nothing better than to see a player fall…in love. https://books.bookfunnel.com/sweet-spot-about-diamond-romance/899y314b58

Remember, there only a week left, so hurry and don’t miss out.

Happy Friday

Hello everyone.

I’ve been busy over the last few weeks trying to clean up somethings that needed adjusting. I’ve enrolled in some promotions and readers are downloading some of my books, which is a great thing, but I’m finding some misspellings, a dropped quotation mark, a wrong name inserted where it shouldn’t be, in some of the published copies and I’m not happy about that. Thankfully my formatter has agreed to work with me on these issues so the books will be republished in the days ahead. It seems no matter how many times I read the books, something slips by me.

What I’ll be doing in the upcoming days is reaching out to see if there is anyone who wants to become one of my pre-order readers so this doesn’t happen. There’s nothing worse than putting out a product that you can’t take pride in.

It’s interesting though. As I reread some of the books I’ve written, I’m falling in love with the characters all over again. In Consumed by Fire, Nell and Jack still entertain, but I’d forgotten how Nell’s story tugged at my heartstrings.

Next up is Skoli on Ice. I can’t wait to get started.

Just a shout out to the authors who I’m partnered with in the promotions. I’ve listed the website and you might want to check it out, if you’re looking for a summer read.




Have a great weekend and I look forward to a new release coming soon.