I’ve been working with a marketing person, (she’s awesome) for the last month and seem to increasing my presence on platforms like Instagram. It’s a learning curve for sure and as she teaches me the basics I expand on them through practice, practice, practice. We’re giving me three months to learn what I can and then she’ll set me loose…

Now anyone who knows me might find that a bit of a miracle seeing that up to six months ago I rarely remembered to charge my phone. Now first thing every morning I’m posting a bit to either my story or a post itself with hashtags and everything. I’ve been gaining followers and have even found volunteers to read and review my books.

I’ve built in certain weekday events, like Massachusetts Monday where I endorse local businesses. Buying local is always the way to go when you can. Tuesdays are for pictures of the tee shirts I own. They pretty much tell you all about me from Give the World Good Energy to Make Her Story to Nasty Woman Society member since 2016. Fridays are for my Divine Feminine quotes, pictures, history. What’s up Wednesday is set aside for questions just to create a dialogue of sorts. Thursdays are for self promotion, Saturdays for grandkids, and Sundays are discretionary. Whatever comes up, gets shared.

So, if you’re not already doing so, please follow me on Instagram at faithosheawrites, and respond when you can.

And if you’ve read any of my books, and liked them, please consider reviewing them on Amazon or Goodreads. The number of reviews affects some kind of algorithm that determines how well my collection ranks. The higher I can go, the better the chances I’ll sell more.

Thanks for reading and being part of my progress. See you next week, or maybe I’ll hear from you on any one of the social media platforms I engage on.

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