I just finished the re-write of the re-write of Thin Blue Line which will be going to my editor soon. I’ve been trying to send her the first chapter of my next book along with it, so when the formatter gets it, she can add it as a teaser. For as much as I’ve had the story of Tony Scalera in my head since I began the Scalera Family series, it was time to sit down and go at it, capturing the essence in the first few pages. I always forget how much work that first page is and end up staring at a blank screen, trying to conjure up ways to hook my readers in with the first, second or third sentence. And if I want to leave my reader hanging by the end of the chapter, I have to come up with a clever way to end it.

In those first few pages, we find him tracking down a killer, in the seamy underbelly of the city, searching homeless shelters, looking for the person of interest in the crime. It’s not his case, it’s his brother-in-law Zach’s, who you’ll have met in TBL but he’s working it like it is. Homicide might be the place he wants to call home once he gets his shield. What he finds three nights in, is something that shakes him to the core. And just might change his life forever.


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