Good afternoon, all:
Just wanted to tell you a little about Luca “Reject” Caroli, bassist for the heavy metal band Raging Thunder, hero of the second book in the Scalera family series, The Edge of Forever.
He’d been a reject most of his life, bullied and taunted. With Raging Thunder’s success, he’s been vindicated. Now he could have any woman he wanted but he felt more like candy in a candy store than a flesh and blood man. Was adulation any better than being bullied? It hadn’t done anything to fill the emptiness inside. In fact, it made the yawning ache even more pronounced. Would he ever be able to open up to love if it came, or would he always be afraid of letting someone get close enough that they could see into his soul?
When Rissa comes along, her sketches showing the world all his different layers, aspects  of himself he wanted to keep hidden, he’s put to the test.

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