has been a labor of love. It’s the last scheduled book in the Fire and Ice Series although there is one (or two) percolating for the senior founding members of the firm, Arianna Woodley and Mia Fisher. Readers have already met Mia’s husband Nate, a senior intelligence operator for the FBI but there’s only been rumblings, negative ones if truth be told, about the man who did Arianna wrong. I’m beginning to think he needs to re-write his history although from the looks of things, he’s pulling the same old, same old. I love plotting and developing characters and I’m sure there’s a lot more life I can breath into these four.

In Heart of Ice, Jelani might have finally found the man of her dreams. The problem is he’s dressed as a nightmare. Not only does he work for the Department of Homeland Security, but he’s got a dark secret from his past and it’s sealed off his heart. The term ICE man doesn’t relate to his job anymore, but to a more congenital flaw, the inability to forgive.

I’m only half-way through the first draft and I can’t wait to see how Jelani gets the ice to melt so she can have her happily ever after.

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