Tuesdays are my Mondays. I can never seem to find my rhythm. Out early,  I head over to the local Panera, where I drink coffee and write, or try to. The conversations going on around me are often too loud or too interesting to shut out. After a couple of hours, it’s back home to have lunch and walk the dog. My son arrives soon after and we chat a bit, the dogs excited that they have someone else to interact with. He eats, then goes off and works upstairs while I put my attention back on my current work-in-process.

With so many disruptions, not much makes the page.

Today, there were more of them than usual. I wanted to put some time into enrolling in a marketing service, so I could get a mailing list going. I filled in all the appropriate boxes, or so I thought but it balked at my existing email. It required an email attached to my website domain. After another search, this time for a site where I could purchase the new email address, after I paid the price to use it for 36 months, I thought I was good to go.


Because I bought my domain at another site, it got tricky. At least that’s what the big, black, block letters told me in the heads up. I decided to put it off for another day. I don’t want to waste anymore time going nowhere.

My head will be clear again tomorrow and I want to finish up my self-edit of Thin Blue Line. I’m getting it where I want it to be and can’t wait to get back to it.

Wednesdays always flow better.

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