Now that I’ve tightened up Heart on Fire, and it’s ready for the editor next month, I’ve gone back to the third book in the Scalera Family series, Thin Blue Line.

I wasn’t planning on sneaking this one in for publication this year but Zach, the hero in TBL shows up in HOF at a moment of crisis and he’s such a dude, it made me want to work with him again.

After pulling it up on my computer, I began to read. And stopped.

I thought I had a well-crafted story only to find gaps, ill conceived scenarios and a lack of flow at the beginning of the story. I’ve spent the last few days going back to the beginning, re-writing, re-reading, re-writing, still trying to get what I envision on paper. No matter how much work is involved, it’s an act of love and I want to do right by Zach and Lana.

It’s interesting to see how much I’ve grown as a writer in the last couple of years. (I still have lots to learn) Today I’m able to pinpoint weaknesses, find my errors with POV(You can only used one point of view at a time so when Lana’s got the page, I can’t have Zach, feeling, thinking or offering anything other than dialogue.), or spot where I’m lacking emotion, which is the thrust in romance. Refining makes me restless though, especially if I can’t get it right. I end up pacing, munching, cleaning, trying to reformulate the way the paragraph should work as I move. Sometimes I manage to change, a word, a thought, a sentence, sometimes I end up deleting a whole section. Then the cycle begins again.

Blogging is another way for me to procrastinate going back to the page, so I thank you for obliging me.


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