I’m not a computer person and most of my frustration at work comes from whatever device I’m using.

There’s a prankster at play somewhere in the inner works of my laptop, who seems to poke his head periodically. If I remember correctly, his name is Mecurius, and he’s a jokester who can cause all kinds of toil and trouble.  

Some examples of his humor.

I’ve been unable to post on my Faith O’Shea Facebook page and keep getting reminders that my fans haven’t heard from me in a while. I write something, post a picture and then nothing, it just hangs in space in the internet nether world. My printer goes offline from time to time with no guidance from me. My cursor will jump all over the place as if practicing for a jumping bean contest. I upload a book for print on KDP and it doesn’t load, or it loads incorrectly. (I’ve done it often enough that I know the steps.) Word press doesn’t show up on my webpage anymore, just vanished from the upper right corner and I couldn’t find a way in for days. Only when I bought a new laptop was I allowed into the portal. It didn’t solve all of my other problems though. I still can’t post, my printer is offline as I write and I have no idea how to solve the issues. I was hoping that Merc would stay buried in one of my old files. He didn’t.

This is an FYI post. If you don’t hear from me, I’ve bumped up against my adversary or maybe my own inability to figure out how to do something.

Next time around, I might opt for computer whiz…



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