I’ve been sitting at the page with the fifth book in my Scalera family series and can’t seem to get it right. After spending weeks, visualizing how to begin the story, I’m still at a loss.

The first couple of pages in a novel are critical. They either pull you in or turn you off and if I’m uninspired… well, let’s just say the readers will be, too.

I’ve done my character developments, using some of my resource books, have a background story for both, and know the direction the story will take…then there’s the arc…meeting, conflict, coming together, dark night of the soul, resolution and how they flow seamlessly one to the other.

I need a POW and it doesn’t come until page 10.

I’ll be working on this again today…I have an idea but it means re-writing the first chapter. If I still can’t get it right, I have other things on my desk that could use my attention and I might put this one aside and let first page percolate just a bit more.

I want it bold and strong. And won’t settle for anything less.


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