when all my plans had to be recalibrated.

The dogs didn’t have day care this week because the provider took a week’s vacation; a new refrigerator arrived and it took an hour to dismantle the old and another to assemble the new, my trainer had to switch my times to accommodate her schedule, I had to sign off on a car title for my son that took me forty miles away and with the gas construction still on going in my area after last months explosions, roads are closed and traffic is snarled.

Time spent at my computer has been sporadic at best and although I’m three quarters of the way finished the novel I’m currently working on, I can’t seem to reach half my goal of 2000 words a day.

The upside is I have a new refrigerator, I’ve still worked out twice this week, my son will be able to go ahead with his new car purchase, and although I’m caught in traffic jams all over the place, I have heat, my home and can cook, something I love. I’ve also been reading during those down times and I’ve gotten a 3-book series by Nora Roberts read.

Sometimes when you have to recalculate your route, or your routine gets pulled all out of shape, there’s usually another way to go.

Life is good.

Oh, and the Red Sox beat the Yankees to move on to the American League Championship Series. Go team.  

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