and they’ve become an additional tool in developing characters… and I love learning something new.

During an email thread, my editor introduced me to this other way to approach personality. Of course, I had to purchase a couple of books that would explain it, and for every one read, there was a different test for identification. The one thing that stayed the same was my own personality type. In one I’m described as a protector. The adjectives are pretty much on point: justice-seeking, direct, strong, assertive and…intense. (When you’re passionate about something intensity comes naturally to the fore. Right?)

In another book, I test out as Challenger. Phrases attached: The leader, the protector, the provider, the maverick, the rock. Some call me a catalyst because of my constant attempt to create change, in my life, in my heart, and in my debates. It’s not a passive pursuit. The strength of my will is, well, my strength. Will is intention, intention is action, and action sets the wheels in motion to achieve my goals. (And they include personal growth.) Perseverance and faith are equal partners and they never fail me.  (That faith is part of my name, is not an accident. It defines a part of who I am.)

I’ve been exploring the different types and the key features of the nine enneagrams to see if I could expand the profile I created for the characters I’m currently working with. It’s added depth to who both Tansy and Tony are. He’s The Helper and she’s The Questioner. (The other book calls her The Loyal Skeptic) and I’ve been able to provide a sturdier platform for who they become as a couple.

I love fresh ways to look at things, love the way kaleidoscope crystals form new patterns with every flick of the wrist. It’s my own personal catalyst. It helps me see a bigger picture, with a more universal perspective.




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