Spent a couple of nights over the weekend celebrating my nephew’s wedding. The rehearsal dinner on Friday night was held outside, the Salem harbor as backdrop, the moon almost full. With most of the month being either hazy, hot and humid or delivering clouds that dropped buckets of  rain, the party was graced with near perfect temps and a lot of family love, from both sides of the Atlantic.

Saturday was almost a picture prefect replica and the bride and groom were in perfect harmony. The food was good and the DJ rocked and everyone was on the dance floor wearing their party hats.

It was a wonderful break in routine, one needed and appreciated.

Yesterday I was able to finish up the edits on Heart of Ice and today began to re-read Tendrils of Ice for my own revisions before it goes to my editor.

This afternoon the dogs will be back home, and life will shift back into its old familiar flow. I think I’m ready.



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