Feeling so fine…the first draft of Rekindling the Fire is complete. Wasn’t sure I’d get there this soon, word counts down from where they should have been for the last two weeks but I typed the last period to finish the story just minutes ago.

There’s still a lot of re-writes ahead, more information to glean out of my research and additions to make, sticky notes reminding me where I might have fallen short on descriptions, where I might want to beef up the story. At least now there’s a skeleton to work.

The female lead, Mia Fisher, grew up on a farm and after having dinner with a friend of mine last week, who spent much of her adult life on one, I walked away with a couple of cute stories, one of which is already tucked in, the other to be added when I pick it up again. I’m going to set it aside for a bit and let things percolate while I go back and take a second look at Arianna’s story, Tendrils of Ice..

Heart of Ice is next on the editing block and I’ll be working to get that one published sometime late next month.

I don’t know what I’ll do when my six female warriors are out in the world. I’ll miss them for sure but I’ve kind of set the stage for a second pass at Woodley and Fisher somewhere down the line with another dynamic group of women who joined the firm after Nell’s Supreme Court win. They’re ambitious and single, and have formed as tight a friendship as my original cast. There has to be a lover out there waiting to meet each one of them…



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