…with a lot that has nothing to do with writing…

My kids opened up a coffee shop and I’ve taken some time to sit and enjoy the lines of customers that are keeping them busy. If you do a Google search, you’ll find they have five stars! Pretty impressive for their first week.

I’ve done my share of grandma sitting for my two youngest grandsons, taking them to Chuck E Cheese last weekend. This Sunday my husband and I are planning a trip to Chunky’s movie theater for their second viewing of The Grinch.

Today, I’m here to help the caffe owners label their gluten-free options. They’ve been so busy they haven’t gotten around to the more mundane aspects of the business. Taking care of their customers is their number one priority.

At least today I found a table where I can catch up on some things, like Facebook posts, and a blog entry while I wait for my son to get back with label machine.

This is a new journey that they’ve allowed me to take with them and I know there will be a character in an upcoming story who owns a place like this. In fact, I have just the story in mind.

Now if I can just get back to the page…


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