Tipping the Scales
Everyday Goddesses (Book Three)

Minerva Holt’s pretty turned up nose says a lot about her. There were some days she thought she might drown in a soaking rain because of it, but she was stubbornly unwilling to change her opinion on some things. Like the man who’d just opened up a food truck outside the courthouse, even though his baklava is to die for.

Simon Iraklidis could tell she was persnickety and it wasn’t just because there was money in the way she walked. All she needed was a crown and a scepter to complete the resemblance to royalty but he wasn’t about to pay homage.

But when Minnie’s friends suggest she go for some zing, her bodacious southern charm becomes apparent. The switch from buttermilk to bourbon with a ninety-proof twist does more than tempt Simon’s taste buds. Can he work up the courage to take the first sip?


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