Thin Blue Line
Scalara Series (Book Three)

After her father’s death on a routine domestic abuse call, Lana Scalera swore she’d never marry a cop. No way was she wearing widow’s weeds before her time. That she fell for a marine, seemed workable. He’d be home and out of danger once his tour was up, no longer the yellow dot on the enemy’s target.

When Zach Taylor is shipped home from Afghanistan with severe injuries, there to comfort and help him through the grueling hours of rehab is his pen pal and sounding board. He wanted more than friendship now that he was back and would do anything to get her to say yes to the ring.

When Zach rejoins the police department, Lana makes good on her promise. No way was she going to lose him to a bullet. He was out although her heart was still hell-bent on changing her mind. What would it take to convince her that death wasn’t the worst that could happen?


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