Sweetwater Stables
Everyday Goddesses (Book Eight)

Hina Kalani might have moved from the island paradise of Hawaii, but she’s come to love the town of Eden. She has Sweetwater Stables, her horses, and her friends and it’s all she needs at the moment. Her equine therapy program is growing and she’s finding a way to use the skills her grandmother, a shaman, has taught her but she has no desire to share her past or her gifts more intimately than that.

Dax Machon is living his life the only way he can since the day he arrived in the small town. Thinking it only a temporary respite from a tragedy that shook his life, he’s found a place that is tempting him back to a more social way of being. If he can only get past the anniversary date coming soon, he thinks he might finally have made it through hell and come out onto the other side.

Hina may not be willing to open her heart to anyone, especially a man like Dax, who she knows is wrong for her, but it seems that Laka, the Hawaiian goddess of love, might have other ideas. After they are repeatedly thrown together by outside forces, she begins to see the sensitive soul he’s hiding behind his detachment and when he rescues the brother she left behind during her escape, she begins to suspect that goddess just might know what’s best.


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