Skoli On Ice
Fire and Ice Series (Book Two)

Camille Bissonnette was an expert at filing asylum applications. She’d become the FBI’s go-to with their high-profile candidates although when the last case turned ugly, promised herself she wasn’t going to accept another. When the special agent in charge called, she hesitated only for a moment before she agreed to take the case. The man in question was Russian, and she was intrigued. Was he a journalist, spy or something more dangerous?

Maxim Skolikovsky wasn’t willing to give anything away, not even his real name. Where he came from, you didn’t trust anyone. It could mean the difference between life and death and he’d seen that up close and personal. When the attorney assigned to him by the FBI came knocking on his door, he opened to a lot more than he’d bargained for.

Maks begins to relax his guard when Camille become his fighter but as she uncovers things that only a few people know, he begins to doubt he can trust her after all. With his life in the balance can he afford to cut her loose and if he does, can he afford to live without her? 


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