Remains to be Seen
Everyday Goddesses (Book Five)

Cerridwen Moore is still looking for normal. She knows it isn’t avoiding a parking garage for fear it will collapse or checking every building she enters for fault lines or, the most pitiful, using a night-light. Since the day of the cave-in in Turkey over four years ago, her life has become a series of what if’s, the biggest one that hovered like a dark cloud concerning a body buried below ground. It hadn’t happened yet, but there was always tomorrow.

When Zain Bishara is hired by the medical examiner, the same office where Cerri works, he comes with a resume that reads like an Indiana Jones movie. Archeologist turned pathologist, he knows exactly why Cerri is afraid of her shadow, and it has nothing to do with their similar backgrounds. Even as he builds trust between them, he continues to hide a secret that he guards like the Holy Grail.When tomorrow comes and Cerri’s worst fears turn into reality it’s Zain who helps her regain her footing but any hope he had of putting their relationship on solid footing in the aftermath is dashed when his secret comes spilling out. What will it take for him to convince her he’s not his brother’s keeper?


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