Rekindling the Fire
Fire and Ice (Book 6)

Mia Fisher was at wits end. She’d been holding the fort for everyone and the weight was beginning to bury her. It wasn’t that her husband was temporarily housed in DC fighting a good fight but that he’d skipped the coming home part of his promise to her. Done with being the one who picked up the slack, she was re-arranging her priorities and he’d fallen to the bottom of the list.

Nate Fisher realizes how much he’s left on his wife’s shoulders when she tells him their marriage isn’t working for her anymore. What did he expect? He hadn’t been home in months. In a desperate attempt to win her back, he headed to her family’s farm for the weekend and the hometown he’d sworn he’d left behind forever.

He was willing to do anything to rekindle the fire. He just hoped it wasn’t too late.


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