Once There Was A Tree
Everyday Goddesses (Book Two)

Tree roots, dragon claws, earth and fire…

Gwenhwyfar Cronun is no longer the kick-ass warrior she used to be. All those skills evaporated the minute she was medevacked out of the Middle East. When she touched down in Eden, having lost her arm, her livelihood and her captain, she reverted back to ordinary.
Ioan Sayer is ex-army. Ex because he retired to chase a dream and a woman, who’s been haunting his nights since he’d loaded her aboard medical transport. Although he finds the odds of gaining ground questionable, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring Gwen back to the land of the living.
With Ioan in Eden, Gwen finds herself facing the fiercest adversary of her life. He won’t let her wave a white flag in surrender and is doing his best to convince her she’s still a fire-breathing dragon. Her age-old demons say otherwise. Can she fund the strength to follow her captain into hell one last time and lay siege?


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