Magic Bean Cafe
Everyday Goddesses (Book One)

Magic in a Cup…

That’s how everyone is describing Rhea Cronun’s coffee. Since she’d opened her café a few short months ago, it was the “in” place to be. Everyone smiled going in and going out, but Rhea’s was the brightest of them all. Now that her future was secure, she didn’t need anything more. Or anyone. Especially if she could read shadows behind a smile. She’d been there and done that and wasn’t going to repeat the cycle.

Aisin Leehy was giving back. He’d earned some good money and now offered grants to deserving businesses and ambitious people who wanted to make their lives better. He’d taken a risk on a coffee shop in Eden, but by the time he got there to check it out, he wasn’t the man he used to be.

Still reeling from a blow to his very identity, Aisin finds what might be the road to his recovery in the small town. Rhea is queen of the hearth, and her warmth is enticing. Her daughter Willow has stolen his heart and he’s beginning to believe in fairies. Will he finally be able to accept that love is what it takes to make a family?


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