Heart of Ice
Fire and Ice Series (Book Four)

Jelani Ramirez had been looking for Mr. Right with fervor, the need to create a family the driving force. After losing her own to the immigration man, there was no way she’d let an ICE man take her heart.

Alec Cleland has just taken a job at the federal agency Jelani abhors, and he can tell from her insults she’s not going to change her mind about who he is. It doesn’t really matter. He doesn’t want a family, or the white picket fence and he’s heard through the grapevine that’s what she’s looking for.

When coincidence throws them together time and again, and Jelani begins to see beneath the surface to who he is, her principles are put to the test. Only when she uncovers some of Alec’s secrets, does she realize it’s not the job that’s frozen his heart, but something he might never recover from. Even if she wanted to be the one to melt the ice, would he let her?


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