Good Bones

Jord Sheafson swings a sledgehammer as well as any man working for her, but few men appreciate her skills. Wearing jeans and a tool belt doesn’t get her much in the way of male attention, unless it’s the negative kind. She’s comfortable in her skin, and loves what she does for a living, and could care less what anyone thinks, especially the other project manager who works for Moore Construction. She’s been screwed by a man like him before and has no use for that kind of tool.

Noah Timmerman has been working for Derek Moore since the company’s inception and is his number two until Jord comes on the scene. Because of her impeccable restoration skills, she snags their biggest job yet and he’s none too pleased. Thinking she’s a fraud, he does his best to undermine her talents, until he begins to suspect she’s the real deal. It’s not only her eye for restoring the classics that has him rethinking his premise, but her awe-inspiring sculptures, and her athletic prowess on the basketball court. A fire begins to flicker in his belly, but fire is the bane of his existence, and when the sirens go off, signaling a five-alarm blaze, it’s the warning he needs to stay clear.

Noah inches closer, in spite of the heat, but Jord is determined not to get burned again. Will she finally realize he’s not the old, outdated antique in need of demolition she thought, but a man with good bones and a solid foundation who’s just in need of a little restoration? 


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