Gardens of Eden
Everyday Goddesses (Book 6)

Inanna Rusnik is the fourth generation to till the soil and plant wildflowers at Gardens of Eden, the small town’s nursery. She wants nothing more than to continue the legacy by finding the right man to grow a family with, and she hasn’t been shy about looking. When she’s sidelined by an unforeseen development, she begins to see the world through a new lens, finding delight in the everyday tasks that have always given her life color and texture.

Tihomir Lukić has been working at the nursery for years, at first, helping unravel the mess Ina was left with, and now guiding her through another crisis, one that’s becoming more complicated by the day. Attracted to her like his bees to honey since the day she’d hired him, he wouldn’t mind being at her beck and call if he thought it could go somewhere, but he knows she’s biding her time until she can pick up where she left off.

With each passing hour Ina spends with Ti, hidden feelings rush to the surface and fantasies begin to spring to life, as lush as her perennials after a spring rain. He’s a man who wears nature like a second skin and is gorgeous to boot. She wants to entangle their roots and let love blossom, but he knows everything about her past. How can she convince him he’s the one she’s been looking for all along?


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