Scalera Family (Book 5)

Rock singer Artemis Joy Munroe is finally getting out, leaving a lucrative career behind her. It’s way past time she shed the glitter and flash, and the name Artemis, along with it. She’s embarking on what some are calling a fool’s journey, taking only her music, her drummer and her voice. Will it be enough for her die-hard fans?

Dennis Scalera has won awards in the music production business and he’s been assigned to transform the diva Artemis, into a more refined version of herself, like that’s even possible. After his initial refusal, he reluctantly agrees, bringing together a band that connects instantly, one whose sound expresses the type of music that comes from the heart. It’s speaking to his in a big way.

After a disastrous first marriage, Dennis is unwilling to go down that path again, especially if the woman is as magnetic as Artemis. But with every layer he peels away, he finds a woman who’s warm, funny and vulnerable. Finding Joy behind the mask is a revelation, and although she says he’s just who she needs, he’s not sure he can trust that her feelings for him will last.


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