Edge of Forever
Scalara Series (Book Two)

Rissa Scalera wants to find love but it might not be in the cards for her. She can’t seem to tell the good from the bad and the ugly. When she agrees to tour with Raging Thunder as her niece’s nanny, she swears she’ll stay away from bad boy bassist Luca “Reject” Caroli. Just dumped by her fiancé, he’s exactly what she doesn’t need. But as she gets to know him, peeling away layer after layer of the melancholy, she begins to sense he’s not what he appears. Problem is he’s otherwise engaged. If not with one of his lusty fans then with a woman from his past who’s reached out.

Luca shouldn’t be following his urges. He’s got a future to think about. The first woman he ever loved is meeting him at one of the concerts coming up and he’s got to see if they can go back. But with each touch and every kiss, Rissa awakens parts of him that he thought he’d buried. Their combustible chemistry isn’t making it easy. She knows the score but she’s made it clear she won’t hang around as second choice. As he wrestles with his troubled past, and the stars begin to align, he sees where the edge of forever lies. Will he be too late to claim it?


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