Consumed by Fire
Fire and Ice Series (Book One)

Nell Warren has just won a major victory but has no time to celebrate the results. Her old flame, an eleven, on the scale of one-to-ten, in the love department is bound and determined to get back in her life and all her energy is going into fighting it. When she’s called to Washington, to discuss her successful Supreme Court opinion, she comes face to face with her past and the longing for things lost, overwhelms her. The junior Congressman from Massachusetts was everything she ever wanted but the person who’d forced them apart all those years ago, still stood as a shadow in the background, more than willing to come between them again.

Jack Adams has just been re-elected to his third term in Congress. He’s finally found a career that called to him, but there’s something missing. When his past comes knocking on his door, presenting him with another chance at love lost, he’s ready to open it. Nell’s not sure he’s grown up yet, and she eloquently points out why, stating he’s no different than the man who relinquished his rights to her love.

How can he prove that he’s ready to reclaim his place in Nell’s heart? He’s ready to face his toughest challenge but this campaign is too important to lose. Taking it one step at a time, he makes a concerted effort to prove she’s wrong, changing his life in the process. He just hopes it’s not too late.  


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