Coming Home to You
Scalera Family (Book 4)

Tony Scalera spent years overcoming the death of his father, and he’d worked hard to put it behind him and get his policeman’s shield. While out on patrol, he uncovers a hidden segment of the population, a community of homeless people. He can’t understand why they live this way, putting themselves at risk, braving the cold, theft, the mentally challenged until he meets Tansy.

Tansy McPhail had no recourse but to take to the streets. Student debt had all but crippled her and unless she could find a job, she was going to drown in it. Without a family, without a home, she was left to her own devices. Until she meets a cop who turns her whole idea of family and what it means, on its head.

Tony’s disdain for Tansy’s lifestyle isn’t winning him any popularity contests, even as he begins to understand what it means to be homeless. When he invites her to live with him until she can get on her feet, he doesn’t realize yet that home is where the heart is. Will he find out before it’s too late?


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