Cold Sweat
Scalara Series (Book One)

Letitia “Tish” Jones was one of the most talented classical pianists of her time but it had come at a cost. The price she paid stripped her of her passion for music and she’d do anything to get it back. Almost anything. Going on hiatus with the band Raging Thunder as their keyboardist, isn’t what she had in mind. Taking on a new identity, she finds a new passion-a man willing to help her but unwilling to open his heart. When an outside influence threatens her progress, he walks away and she’s forced to stand alone to fight it. Johnny Scalera, the popular and charismatic drummer for the heavy metal band, is geared up for the second leg of their tour, but there’s a problem. Sales are down, reviews are less than stellar and the blame is on his shoulders. Tish’s stage fright is laid there as well, and against his better judgment, he puts all his efforts into helping her. The plan: to walk away when it’s done and pick up right where he left off. When it hits him Tish is all he wants, he chases after her. But the woman he finds is different than the one he left. Now able to stand on her own, she doesn’t need him anymore. What lengths will he go, to change her mind?


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