Clutch Hit
Greenliners Series (Book Three)

Alicia Nilsson, the Vice President in charge of Player Development for the Boston Greenliners, would do just about anything to see her team win the World Series. And she’d proven it. She had also proven, quite possibly, that she was crazy. But when she bumped into a Cuban player at a bar in Cancun, what else could she do? He was the third baseman she’d been looking for and he came with a strong bat to boot.

Mateo Alvarez couldn’t believe his luck, or how far a woman would go to provide for her team’s future. He chalked it up to some pretty strong existential winds, the kind you don’t mess with.

At least he wasn’t willing to.

Could he convince Alicia that she was the sky he took flight in and his glove and bat might be clutch, but they weren’t the only things she needed?


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