Can’t Be Tamed
Everyday Goddesses (Book Four)

Lilith Varsela is the closest to the Amazonians of ancient myth than anyone in the small town of Eden will ever meet. A fierce advocate for the most vulnerable, she is armed with her stiletto heels and sharp tongue. Her passion for her cause leaves little to spend on a man and her mantra’s become single today, single tomorrow.

Niall Graeme used to be one her best friends but that was before his betrayal, the one she is still nursing. After spending years trying to worm his way back into her good graces, he shifts tactics and finally grabs her attention.

When Lil seems willing to let bygones be bygones, Niall pushes for more, but he knows domesticating a feral cat will take patience and time. He’s got a well-spring of patience, but the clock stops when he’s hit with a surprising revelation. Will he be able to get it ticking again before Lil gets away?


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