Both Sides of Life

Epona Fusaro had wanted out of the small town where she’d grown up, and she’d left right after high school graduation. After almost a decade away and a lot of second guessing, she’s back, a full-fledged veterinarian, with the credentials and experience to prove it. Healing the sick and birthing the young was all she’d ever wanted to do, and now that she has the vet-mobile up and running, she’s found a way to have it all, or at least most of it. Her love life is the only thing that needs improvement, but the man she wants, her high school sweetheart, is still working at Cordero’s Funeral Home and death is not her thing.

Richard Cordero wanted nothing more than to keep his family business alive, which meant he wasn’t willing to leave Eden for anyone, not even Eppie. His life had been going according to plan until a crisis at the funeral home had him facing the possible demise of the legacy left in his hands. When he stops to tend to a dog and her puppies one night on a snowy back road, he doesn’t realize his life is about to take another hit.

When Eppie realizes what the man in the middle of the road is doing, her heart melts. When she realizes who he is, it starts racing. Even though she knows she still loves him, the hearse up ahead reminds her that nothing has changed. When tragedy strikes will she come to understand that life is a cycle, and birth and death are both a part of it?


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