Better than I know myself at times.

They become friends over time, and as with anyone you befriend in life, it takes time and attention to grow kinship. It takes interest, intent and curiosity.

The relationship with my characters begins with the conception of an idea.

For me, the Everyday Goddesses series was birthed as a result of my belief that woman are warriors, and that they bring to the world an essence that’s been missing for…oh, about 2,000 years.

I feel it’s imperative we begin to acknowledge and honor it because it’s the only way we’ll reach balance and healing on this planet called Earth. (Gaia)

Once the EG series was clarified in my mind, I needed eight women who embodied the aspects of the Divine Feminine and decided to attach them to the elements, fire, air, water and earth. They were the first ingredients that went into the cauldron where I planned to cook up the characters I needed to fit the template of everyday woman extraordinaire. I added a pinch of astrological information, a dose of magic, eight Neolithic symbols of the ancestral mother, mythological names, and more than a dollop of love,… and…poof, Rhea, Gwenhwyfar, Minerva, Lilith, Cerridwen, Inanna, Brigid, and Hina were born. (As I write, four more are asking to be fleshed out and I’m having trouble shushing them. If they have their way, Qadesh, Eve, Jord and Selene will be telling their stories, using me as the medium.)

These women are my collective, a garden of seeds ready to sprout forth, new perspectives of the world at large, growing in an abundance. Each one embodies the sacred in women, in a variety of constructs. In the next blog, I’ll let you in on how I took a block of an idea and chipped away, until I had exposed the three-dimensional person who was hiding within.

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