Good morning all

It’s been a couple of Tuesdays since last I wrote. Being a history person, I’ve been totally consumed with history in the making. In fact, I’ve got some seeds germinating for my next series which I’ll get to someday. I still have a couple more in my Everyday Goddesses series to finish up and still have a couple of Greenliners stories to get to.

Now that things have quieted down, I’m back to routine, which is nice.

The one thing I’m really happy about is the fact that I now have time to read. During my sabbatical, I haven’t stopped searching Amazon and I’ve been ordering book after book, some for research, some for pure pleasure. Looking for a possible first edition my librarian Breet could afford to buy at a out-of-the-way unique bookstore, I came across a book by Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence. It takes place in the Renaissance era, and it includes some magic, Machiavelli, and the word enchantress is in the title. How could I not not be tempted? Kristin Hannah has a new book out which I can’t wait to get to, and there’s some YA books I’ve got stacked which Breet will be facilitating during a reading group. If I’m going to write about them, they’re a must read. Breet’s writing stories about Phoebe the fairy, so I’ll be reading books on the magical beings….. So many good books, with a little more time now…

A couple of days ago I picked up The Midnight Library and dove in. I’m in my happy place when I’m visiting different lands, perspectives, dimensions, and meeting new characters.

I love to read, always have. My Goodreads stats prove it. This year I’m actually behind in my goal which I intend to fix asap. Once I’m finished my current read, I’ll be jumping to a book on Whitey Bulger, and the Irish mob. Another for research that will help me write Gabe’s background story. In my car I’m listening to The Queen’s Gambit instead of listening to CNN or MSNBC.

It might be raining here, but it’s the perfect kind of weather for curling up with a good book and I have more than enough to keep me intrigued.

As the saying goes Life is good.

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