Marketing is key when trying to gain a following. It’s been an uphill climb for me and in searching for the different avenues I can take, I enrolled my book in a service that asks readers for volunteers. So far, I’ve received dozens of emails of interested parties, yet only two have responded to my outreach.

Reviews are an important tool in an author’s toolbox. They drive traffic, especially on Amazon, and can be used in social media posts to spark more interest. The longer you can keep a buzz about your book going, the better chance you have in increasing sales.

I’m beginning to rethink my brand as well, and feedback would be helpful in my final decision. I don’t follow the usual template for romance. Sure, there’s a hook, woman meets man, there’s a refusal to get together, an acknowledgement of attraction, a fall, and a happily ever after ending. There’s also an investment of research, a lesson of some kind, and a lengthier manuscript. Symbiotic connection is more important than sex scenes, growth is more important than a superficial coupling. I delve deeply into each character and construct a living breathing person who comes alive on the page. The content is not sweet, sizzling or erotica, categories that most seem to fall into. Or so it seems.

I think mine are more consistent with contemporary women’s lit than romance and yet love is always part and parcel of the plot and storyline. But then love does make the world go round.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Feel free to voice them.

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