As I sit overlooking the parking lot of KJ’s Cafe, the sky gray and clouds hovering, the asphalt still caked with the snow that has iced over, falling snow flakes almost invisible to the eye, I’m letting my imagination go where it will. I’ve begun the first chapter of my next book in my Everyday Goddesses series even as I’m still fleshing out my characters. Breet has occupied many pages of the series so far and readers may think they know her. Waif-like, somewhat timid, a storyteller, a librarian, a woman with the heart of a child, at times innocent, who is finally growing comfortable in her skin. There’s still much to be revealed, and I’m always anxious to get to the meat of the story. I’ve found that in the writing, even when I don’t know the exact direction I’m going in, things unfold in spontaneous ways, sort of like life.

It’s the male lead of the story who no one has met yet. Well, no one but Breet. He arrives in Eden as bold and as reckless as ever, with his confidence and intelligence intact. Nothing much about has changed since she was eighteen, except maybe the crow’s feet that come from age or hard living, and the cynicism in his eyes. When adventure had called he’d answered, leaving Eden behind, and he’d been following it since, across continents and into war zones, chasing after the truth. She was one of the few who knew the reason behind it. He’d been running, as far away as he could, but now he was back, biting humor and all.

The quiet life she’d built for herself is about to become upended. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

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