The sixth book in my Everyday Goddesses series is set on a twenty-acre garden nursery, where Inanna Rusnik lives, works and breathes. As a fourth generation sower of seeds, she created cherished hideaways in the fields among the wildflowers growing in abandon, or standing amidst the towering sunflowers. If only I had those kind of experiences. I am the person you never give a plant to if you want it to survive, never mind thrive. My son has finally learned this after years of my killing every plant he gave me, usually with kindness. Too much water, too much sun, too much fertilizing.

But the more I read about gardeners, and appreciate their vibrant and colorful gardens, I am coming to understand the importance of surrounding myself with nature. It’s a good thing I live in a semi-rural area where there are trees, shrubs and other things green. I can step outside my door to get what I need. Next year I just might try my hand at a wildflower garden and add to the backdrop.

As usual, I’ve chosen a theme I knew little about for this book and as always I’m learning a lot and not only about plants, vegetables and trees. I’m beginning to understand that the process of planting effects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Planting a seed, is like planting a miracle. The seed knows to burst out of its casing, sprout, and pierce the earth before inching its way toward the sun. It’s a kernel of potential, that if left to its own devices, will do exactly what it was meant to do.

Ina’s finding out, she should hang back, and become the seed, letting nature takes its course. Grow

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