I’ve written a few series over the last few years and have had my fair share of marketing woes. How do you get someone interested enough to pick up your book?

Social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs? Word of mouth? Reviews?

I asked a friend to help me write a new bio. She keeps telling me she toots my horn better than I do, and she’s probably right. Anyway, she sent me a short blurb and I thought it read more like a person who enjoyed my work, than a bio, so I asked if I could use it as what my formatter, Joan, calls “praise.” Joan then asked if I could get a few more, maybe another author. (She said they like getting their name in print) I thought, um, from where? I might follow other authors but I don’t hang with them and I’m not sure there are any out there who’ve read my work. Should I be reaching out, asking those authors who I follow, to read and review? Should I get those Beta readers I’ve written about before? Questions that need answering but not today.

The one venue that seems to be working is a site called BookFunnel.

I’ve joined a couple of promotions offered through them and I’m thrilled to say, there have been quite a few readers who have downloaded the books enrolled. One was for a sports romance and one for music. I’ve also submitted my Magic Bean Cafe, in a general category but it generated very few.

I’ve just enrolled in another sports category so League of Her Own will be available through them starting October 1st. If you haven’t read it, give it a try. Enrique is shortstop for my Greenliner team and he’s getting some practice staying on his toes when Fiona Barrows walks into his life.

Sports romances seem quite popular right now.

So the question is, should I be writing more stories about athletes? I’ve done a baseball series, The Greenliners, and had originally planned on writing six rather than the four that are out. The folders are still sitting on my desk, and I do have the intention of going back to them but my Everyday Goddess series was burning to get out there.

I put out a post earlier this week asking what sport captures your attention? Baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball…I did get a couple of suggestions. Seems baseball and soccer were the preferred. I’ve included a men’s amateur soccer league in the Goddess series and I’ve been watching you tube videos as part of the research. I have to admit, the guys are great athletes, with muscles flexing and straining, and it’s a compelling game to watch. So soccer might be the way to go….

One of these days, I’m going to learn how to do a book give away. Then I can offer any book of choice for, let’s say a review. If anyone is willing to write one before I master that, I’d appreciate it. Just send it to faithworksnovels@gmail.com.

Create a wonderful day for yourself.


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