There have been authors who have told me it’s all about the cover. Couples sell the best. It’s been proven by analytics. Although according to a new poll, it’s all about the male torso. The M-A-L-E torso. It’s the six-pack abs, the bare arms, the wide shoulders. I shake my head knowing it’s true, but still not willing to go that route.

My covers don’t scream romance, but maybe that’s because I want them to be more than that. Of course, that means I won’t generate the sales that some others do

When people ask me what I write, my first response is contemporary women’s lit. Yes, it has some romance thrown into the mix, what doesn’t today? Even detective or murder genres include a sex scene here and there. I’m driven to write about life experiences, how we change, how we grow. There’s always a female and male lead, flaws, strengths, wounds, connection, and there’s always a happily ever after ending.

Unfortunately, I won’t rack up sales because my covers don’t scream hot bod.

I’ll either have to live with that, or change my outlook. I’ve been thinking about changing the covers of my first series. Maybe I’ll experiment. Cold Sweat would be a good one to start with.

Would you buy a book with this dude on it?

I’ll be interested in hearing your opinions.

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