Good morning everyone:.

I’ve been remiss with my blogs over the last month or two but I have been super busy, getting a new book out, Tipping the Scales, joining several promotions to add to my subscriber list, and writing the next book in my Everyday Goddesses series, Remains to be Seen.

In between all this, I’ve been cleaning up some of my earlier series, all while reading, reading, reading.

There’s nothing better than becoming engrossed in a great book and I’ve found several that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, some written by my favorite authors, Susan Mallery, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jill Shalvis.

I’ve also been immersing myself in some great TV series, binging I guess you could say, in order to get some background on medical examiners, part of my research for Remains. Rizzoli and Aisles, all seven seasons, was the latest. Set in Boston, it hit all the right notes. I also watched every season of a French series, called Balthazar. It was different, and the lead was quirky. I loved the way he dressed and I decided to have Zain, the male character in the latest book, dress the same way, in button down shirts, and fitted vests. Zain doesn’t talk to the dead like Balthazar. I gave Niall, the male lead in Can‘t Be Tamed, that honor.

For Remains I’ve dived into archeology and anthropology, two subjects that have held my interest for years. I can remember sitting in a doctors office and picking up Archeology, a magazine dedicated to the field and flipping through and scanning every article. I subscribed immediately and have dozens of issues. It’s been fun going back during my research phases and incorporating some of the information into the storyline.

That’s part of my passion in writing, digging into material I want to know more about. It’s almost as good as digging for bones, artifacts, fossils. I guess I’m an archeologist in a whole new way….

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