I’ve been in marketing mode for the past week, checking out websites for promotions, looking into beta readers, and re-writing blurbs to better solicit interest in the books already on the market.

I’ve probably mentioned that writing blurbs is harder than writing a novel. You have to condense your grand work into a dozen sentences in a way that motivates a reader to buy your book. I’ve read all the blogs, articles and books I can find on “how to” build a better blurb… Several pieces of advice given; add a tagline, have a hook, end it with a question. So, I went to the drawing board and have spent hours trying to phrase things just right, using the tools collected…but I’m still unsure it speaks to the soul of the book.

I’m looking for a couple of friends, family members or strangers, to review what I’ve written and critique how well I’ve captured the essence of the story. If this works well, I may reach out to any interested parties to be Beta readers. What are they? Readers who review the finished manuscript before it is published and provide feedback as to what works and what doesn’t, point out weak elements and highlight strengths.

I’m adding the new blurb I’ve written for Magic Bean Cafe. I received feedback from a friend, who’s been my one and only Beta reader since my first book. Please feel free to comment on whether or not this would pique your interest, and prompt you to hit “Download”.

Thanks to any and all who respond.

Rhea Cronun doesn’t want a glass slipper, or the prince who might come with it. Why should she? She’s got all the family she needs, along with a new café that she created six months ago. The five-star ratings are making her the talk of the town and she’s as busy as she’s ever been, but it’s leaving her little time for fun.

When Aisin Leehy comes strolling into Eden, encouraging her to play, she’s more than tempted. He’s the man who made Magic Bean possible and seems intent on spoiling her but not even the fairy house he built in her back yard cast the right spell. It’s her daughter Willow who’s become enchanted.  

Rhea needs more than a happily ever after ending. What will he have to do to prove he can give her the more she’s looking for?

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