I’m attempting to strengthen my marketing skills, so I’ve enrolled in some promotions, paid for my book to be shouted out near and far, and I’m checking out websites that promote indie authors.

From what I’ve read, I need a tagline.

What is tagline? It’s a mission statement in just a few words.

Who am I? What do I write? Who is my audience? What image to I want? What makes me unique?

It embodies passion, purpose and perspective.


Tide’s In, Dirt’s Out. or The Quicker Picker Upper.

It says it all in no more than four words.

I’m making an attempt to write one, but I need your input. This is a call-out to anyone who has read my books. I’m asking for a few words that might suggest who I am and what I do.

Here’s a few I’ve come up with on my own.

Complex characters that come alive on the page

Strong women, complex storylines, unique voice.

It’s never just a happily ever after story. (This one’s kind of my favorite so far.)

If you are willing to take the time to think about it and go so far as to respond, I’ll send you the book of your choosing.



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