Our Massachusetts governor has issued an advisory to stay home. Not exactly a shelter-in-place, but a warning nonetheless. I’ve been home for weeks, venturing out only for food, dog supplies and pharmacy needs. My routine hasn’t changed much, but the environment in my cave has. The dogs are here, their day care provider canceling their play dates, and my husband is working from home, which means there’s now two of us working in the same room. It’s actually going better than expected. (He’s been helping with the dogs.) I told the person who comes in once a week to clean my house to stay home. I haven’t used a vacuum in years and had to go looking around the house to see if I still owned one. Today, I’ll be scrubbing toilets, bathtubs and floors wondering if I’ll get that same clean smell as Lene does.

I read a twitter post by Stephen King this morning who posited that the current situation will probably find its way into stories currently being written. If anyone can do it justice, he can. I’m avoiding the crisis in my work. It’s enough to live it on a day-to-day basis, I don’t need to be dwelling on it when I don’t have to. Besides, my intention is to help people escape, uplift emotion and moods and I believe in happy endings.

I’m nearing the end of Tipping the Scales. I have a couple of chapters left and hope to be finished by the end of the week. My first book in my Everyday Goddesses series will be formatted at the beginning of April and the second book will be going to my editor by mid-month. My life seems to go on uninterrupted, but the worry and concern for others is with me in every moment. Listening to the governor’s news conferences has become a new norm. The frustration with the federal government and their lack of response grows every day.

All I can do personally is keep my distance, stay positive, remember that all things pass, and do what I do. The series I’m working on is more important than ever. The Divine Feminine must become part of our consciousness again. If we open that door, she’ll usher in kindness, rebirth, selflessness, compassion, and the true meaning of life. It’s not money, success, greed or power. It’s common sense, giving what you can to the common good, helping others, and the love we hold in our hearts that’s important.

She’s the one who will help us get that happy ending.


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