As mentioned, I’ve created a series that speaks to Goddess, and the many aspects we can find of hers, within each of us.

My first book in the Everyday Goddesses series is Magic Bean Café. The manuscript is going to my editor next Monday and it usually takes a month to get it to print. So we’re close.

I thought it important to introduce my female character Rhea in all her goddess glory.

Who exactly is this mother goddess and what should we learn from her?

A little mythological history is in order.

In the beginning… there was Chaos. Out of Chaos came Gaea and Tartarus, and Eros. Gaea mated with Uranus, the first patriarchal figure in Greek myth but he grew resentful of his children and buried them all inside the body of his mate. It caused Gaea no shortage of  pain and anguish and the only child willing to help her was her son Cronus. He killed his father and took on the mantle of the most powerful male god. He mated with Rhea and from their union came the first generation of Olympians. Repeating the past sin of the father, Cronus became convinced his children would usurp him so he swallowed them whole as they were born. Rhea was able to trick him during her last pregnancy and Zeus grew to overthrow his father to reign supreme.

Rhea is an ancient mother goddess and queen of the Titans, a gentle creature but a formidable guardian and opponent. Known as Mother Time, she wielded the sickle of the moon until Father time appropriated it. (Go figure)

Rhea Cronun, of Magic Bean, represents the mother aspect of goddess. Born under an earth sign, she is connected to the foundational energy of Gaea and her namesake. She also symbolizes the sacred marriage, between the polarities of masculine and feminine. A birther of life, yet capable of strategizing a coup. She perseveres through austere times, pain and struggle, and not only survives but ultimately flourishes. She personifies fertility, creation, and the bounty of the earth, all the things that the café represents.

Rhea- mother, entrepreneur, baker, nourisher, guardian, protector, friend.

How many of these facets live inside of you?



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